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Second Pan-European - International pupil - Student Multimedia Contest

Video Clip, Audio Message, Poster

“I fight for road safety”

Let's all contribute in losing the lead to traffic accidents.... !!!

Be part of it you too!

Are you a pupil or a student? Are you interested in the issue of the road accidents’ prevention and you believe that we can all contribute to their elimination?

Greece is among the highest ranking in Europe concerning victims of road accidents in proportion to its population.

Help us lose this sad lead!!!!

Take part now by yourself or together with your friends in the Pan-European pupil - student multimedia contest organized by the "Association of Family Assistance and Solidarity for Road Accidents Victims in the Region of Crete - St. Christopherstrong>" (www.polentaspark.gr) and send your message to everyone, helping to raise awareness among drivers and showing that all together we can achieve the reduction of road accidents.

Results 2014


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Greece is on the highest ranking concerning the numbers of Road fatalities

Greece ranks first in the list of road accidents in all 27 countries of the European Union. East Macedonia, Thrace, Western Macedonia, Peloponnesus and Sterea Ellada are among the most fatal ... areas of the European Union. These areas, according to a European Union survey, are considered dangerous regarding people who are potentially killed each year per million vehicles on their roads.

According to the report, the sixth place in the entire European Union holds the region of Ipiros, the ninth place hold East Macedonia and Thrace, while Western Macedonia holds the tenth. Sterea Ellada is considered to be the most dangerous area in Europe, where 1,576 deaths correspond to 1 million vehicles, whereas Peloponnesus region comes second with 1,159 deaths per 1 million vehicles.

Speed ​​and alcohol are the main causes of traffic accidents. Basically, speed is the main cause. But alcohol combined with speed or other dangerous activities, such as talking on a cell phone or listening to loud music, exacerbate the situation even more. Alcohol may not be the main cause concerning the number of traffic accidents, however the vast majority of the traffic alcohol-related accidents are fatal.


The six projects that are going to be selected by the Committee will be presented at a special ceremony, where the awarding of the creators will also take place. The ceremony will take place at the Orthodox Academy of Crete on Friday 14/11/2014, at 12.00.

By the final selection six winners will occur, three winners for each category of the competition (pupil and student competitions). The prizes for the winners of the age category 19 to 25 years old will be:

  • - 1st Prize for the Video-Clip category: 3 days travel in Chania, Crete and accommodation in a 5 stars hotel.
  • - 1st Prize for the Audio Message category: 3 days travel in Chania, Crete and accommodation in a 5 stars hotel.
  • - 1st Prize for the Poster category: 3 days travel in Chania, Crete and accommodation in a 5 stars hotel.

Prizes include free transport costs from Athens to the destinations listed above, free accommodation covered catering costs. They also include visits to religious, archaeological and cultural sites in the area.

For the second and third place in the aforementioned categories, “Special Praise” will be given.

The prizes for the winners of the age categories 15-18 and 6-14 years old will also be “Special Praises” for each participation category.


Supporters of our Effort

The contest is supported by the Ministry of Public Order & Citizen Protection, Ministry οf Education and Religious Affairs, the Orthodox Academy of Crete, the Technical University of Crete, the Hospital of Chania, the Technical Chamber of Western Crete, the Buses Joint Venture of Western Crete, bodies and citizens of the prefecture of Chania.

Results of Contest 2013

The Scientific Evaluation Committee of the 1st pupil - student multimedia contest “I fight for Road Safety”, which was organized on National level, after examining the participations in detail, checked the technical features to match the specifications of the contest and exchanged views on the artistic soundness and the message provided in every one of them, decided to give the following awards:

For the VIDEO-CLIP category,

  • The first prize at the student's age groupstrong> has been awarded to the project entitled “Drive Safe”, created by a group of students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • At the age group of high school pupils, praise has been awarded to the project entitled "Life is not a game" created by the pupil Theoni Bekiari from the Gennadius School.
  • At the age group of elementary school pupils praise has been awarded to the project entitled "Daddy Don’t Drive Fast" created by the pupil Maria Protopapas from the “Avgoulea Linadratou” Modern School.

For the AUDIO MESSAGE category, the Committee decided not to award any prize.

For the POSTER category,

  • At the student's age group, the Committee decided not to award any prize, so as the prize to be attributed to the category of high school pupils.
  • The first prize at the high school pupils age group has been awarded to the project entitled "Protect your life", created by the student Nikos Tripolitakis from the Professional High School of Akrotiri, Chania.
  • At the elementary school pupils age group 3 praises have been awarded to the following projects: "The car is not a toy" created by the pupil Sevasti Sunna from the 5th Elementary School of Chania, "Driving carefully!" (hyperlink), created by a group of students from the “Theodoropoulos School” and “Road Safety” created by a group of students from the 8th Elementary School of Chania.

The committee would like to warmly thank all participants for their efforts and their dedication to the objectives of this contest.

Click here for the minutes of the Evaluation Committee.